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Education June 26, 2015 How To – Black and White Honestly, I don't do much portraiture, soooo... there ya go. This was a shoot that I tagged along/assisted for, Ben Sasso did all the hard work, you can see his blog post about it here. Fro... Education March 14, 2015 Photo Field Trip 2015 | where introverts become explotraverts Photo Field Trip 2015. I bet El Capitan Canyon still smells of sulfur and sweat. and so many freaking more...  You know how in Junior High chemistry the only way we learned anything was a cr... Human February 25, 2015 Help Portrait Orange County 2014 "...a break for artists constantly in the hustle to enjoy stepping back and into the company of a non-competitive, giving opportunity, where we give something beautiful away because it should be done.... Education February 13, 2015 Teachers and Learners I don't think you're ready for this jelly... So, I met Ben on kind of a self-dare to try and be better about meeting up with creatives. I had been/am sort of burned out on the networking end of... family December 4, 2014 5 RULES | how to take good pictures Ok, some honesty time. I really, really don't like doing family pictures. Unless I like the people ahead of time. And even then it's risky.... But I still do them, especially for people I ... landscape November 20, 2014 #pnw Ok - I'm cracking my knuckles staring straight down at my feet - wondering how to write well... er... I mean write goodlier.  My goals of photojournalism and telling stories visually are going to inev...