RL Lightroom Presets

Your style will always be more than your colors and composition. I've infused what I understand about color theory into a variety of presets to make your own discovery process a fun one.


This is where you will find my new presets, my archived presets (tribe archipelago), and more custom options to enhance your post-production.

To use these presets with Adobe Lightroom CC on your mobile device, first download them to your desktop and import to the desktop app and they will sync on your mobile device.
RL Presets [new]
This has a variety of presets using my my most recent tonal adjustments
Created for the Tribe Archipelago project which are no longer available through their site.
Here is where you can find individual presets that you can use to create your own packs.

With all of these presets they will require your own personal tweaking, adjustments to white balance, and fine tuning to make them suit each of your individual shots. They are not meant to suit every style or be a one click solution, these provide a variety of bases from which to work from. Because they are a digital download I can also not offer a refund on any purchases but am happy to answer any questions regarding how to use them.