Ok – I’m cracking my knuckles staring straight down at my feet – wondering how to write well… er… I mean write goodlier.  My goals of photojournalism and telling stories visually are going to inevitably suffer if I can’t, or don’t, improve my ability to articulate my passions through words.


I needed to get away

My best chap moved from our apartment to Portland, and then to Washington, and further and further into Instagram territory that I had to explore. I would see things like #pnw, #thatnwbridge, #upperleftisthebest, and as a native Californian I obviously have some of that tupac pride written in Old English across my belly. I felt I either needed to visit to find out they were all full of crap, or be humbled… so, so much of the latter.Some of my biggest inspirations in photographic style this year have been from that #pnw.  I was able to meet Jordan Voth when he co-taught a workshop with Ben Sasso in June of this year, and on my trip I connected with Benj Haisch. If you don’t already follow those guys, you should be. This trip involved me taking my daughter, donning her Colin Kaepernick jersey into SFO and then directly into the enemy territory of Seattle. Once we landed it was already 11 and needing to rent a car we promptly removed her 49ers hat and threw a hoodie on – only sort of fearing for our safety. We then visited some really friendly kid areas, then some friendly photo areas. My friend, his daughter, my wife, daughter and myself all hiked the Staircase path at the end of the path around Lake Cushman. The following morning, which was also the same day of our departure my friend and I woke up at 5:30 to drive to Vance Creek, trespass onto private property and ballerina tap our way to the middle of the Vance Creek Bridge. I was happy to avoid vertigo and move on so we left and I had a concentrated fill of fall. I wish there was color here in southern california – well, I guess brown is a color – and we have brown. So much brown. I needed to get away and I did.  I would love to hear where/how you get away. Leave a comment below and/or connect with me here at facebook world or here, in Instagram land.

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thanks dude. I'll accept a compliment from you any day :)

Looks incredibly beautiful. Nice work

thanks so much!! do you visit WA ever?