Images that matter

As I continue to grow and learn... and ask questions... I just realized what a moment that was, the one above, where I had a "said-the-title-of-the-movie-in-the-movie" moment. Anyways, As my photography grows and I am inspired by new people, new artists, new musicians, and new photographers, I realize those who are the most inspirational to me are the ones t[...]

Three Stroke Robert

Setting: Downtown Fullerton Event: Waiting for groomsmen to arrive at location for pictures I'm basically just waiting out of the rain and keenly aware of the cell phone to feel a buzz if and when it does to let me know the guys I'm waiting on have found parking. Then the scene changes. Instead it becomes a holy place. That holy place, damp with traffic an[...]


Leonard (left, grey hat): "You can take my picture anytime, where would they go anyways." Walter (right, darker hat): "You know those TMZ guys right? Those guys are crazy"   Everyone but Leonard and Walter took off.  Walter and I discussed some of the finer tactics of TMZ, Leonard told me about a story of a woman paying him 50 dollars to tak[...]

Respecting and Invading Privacy

This one is a little out of chronological order, but it's on my mind. I've noticed some of the more inspiring photos of people and their stories are when they are most vulnerable, or most ignored, or most stripped of pretense. My goal is to move forward in my photography where I show through my interactions that I can care for their moments and lives even if it [...]

Saying Yes

I know so many artists, photographers in particular, who search for a style as though it has a static landing strip. Even if it did we would be doing a terrible thing. We would be landing a plane which has an infinite reason to be in the air. Say yes to something that will test a weakness, not just throw glitter on an existing strength. You never know what might come [...]

First post. Might as well be a doozie.

You should all know this guy. His name is Mike. When life gets boring, instead of investing in a new season of tv on netflix or hulu he decides to make DIY projects with his rad wife, Janna.  Then when he's done with that he'll take up code or film as a side project.  He's one of the only people I know that seems undaunted by the reality that trying things means failu[...]