Help Portrait Orange County 2014

"...a break for artists constantly in the hustle to enjoy stepping back and into the company of a non-competitive, giving opportunity, where we give something beautiful away because it should be done." I remember being told in 2011 when I was in my first year covering the Catalyst Conference in Irvine, CA that this guy Jeremy Cowart was there. It was a buzz th[...]

Teachers and Learners

I don't think you're ready for this jelly... So, I met Ben on kind of a self-dare to try and be better about meeting up with creatives. I had been/am sort of burned out on the networking end of art mainly because I can't handle a lot of the ego involved - maybe #humblebrag?. I didn't really know his work but had seen some and knew it was good. I was going to of[...]

5 RULES | how to take good pictures

Ok, some honesty time. I really, really don't like doing family pictures. Unless I like the people ahead of time. And even then it's risky.... But I still do them, especially for people I love. And on this shoot with one of my closest friends and his family it was very indicative of what I feel about the requirements for making good images. Ansel Adams sai[...]


Ok - I'm cracking my knuckles staring straight down at my feet - wondering how to write well... er... I mean write goodlier.  My goals of photojournalism and telling stories visually are going to inevitably suffer if I can't, or don't, improve my ability to articulate my passions through words. I needed to get away My best chap moved from our apartment to Po[...]

Ocean Photography: Accidental Series

I live where people vacation... Ocean Photography: Accidental Series I take my camera every time I go to the beach. It's habit now. It makes my people-watching a tad bit less creepy... or maybe the opposite, I'm not sure yet. I do, though end up being fascinated with the mood of the water. Every time I go the water seems to invite playfulness, or serenity,[...]

I think his name was eddie i think her name was patty

I think this guy's name was Eddie.  He was outside at a wedding I shot recently and was having a cigarette looking into the rain alone.  He looked really sullen and sad and while I did get a picture of him staring off, once I started talking to him this picture much more accurately captures this guy.  He immediately, and I seriously mean immediately, broke into a [...]