Hey There!

Hey, its my new site, I'm pretty happy about it. Below are some blog posts, some are somewhat recent, a lot are older but you can see my journey there. I'd love to connect with you more!

Why No One Follows You On Social Media

I’ll be the first to unashamedly admit that I’m not verified anywhere, and I’m not a poster child known for my adoring followers or social media dominance, but I do something many do not: I pay attention. You may not be a pulls-the-car-over-for-the-shot kind of person or a takes-picture-while-driving kind of person. But in Iceland you will be. I miss thi[...]

Storytelling in Landscape Photography

I focus more on storytelling in my images... said everyone's client response email ever since 2015. I can remember the longest road trip I ever went on with my family when I was a just knee high to a duck. I remember we crossed all but maybe 3 of the states west of Colorado. My dad won my sister a giant stuffed teddy bear playing darts at Circus Circus casino in La[...]

Name Your Je Ne Sais Quoi

  Je Ne Sais Quoi is a german term meaning "the chosen one" Ok, now that I have that out of my system we can move on. When I started in photography I would just stare blankly at my inspiration and then use all of my energy to simply not quit. I let inspiration inspire me in an abstract and amorphous way. I think there is a place for that, but if you consider yourse[...]

How To - Black and White

Honestly, I don't do much portraiture, soooo... there ya go. This was a shoot that I tagged along/assisted for, Ben Sasso did all the hard work, you can see his blog post about it here. From what little portraiture I have done though I can give you a couple of fail safe tips to begin with, then the editing part (which will be relatively detailed) gets more [...]

Photo Field Trip 2015 | where introverts become explotraverts

Photo Field Trip 2015. I bet El Capitan Canyon still smells of sulfur and sweat. and so many freaking more...  You know how in Junior High chemistry the only way we learned anything was a crazy teacher putting powder "a" in vial "a" with liquid "a" and "b" and then, voila!, explosions or foam or some other weirdness would come pouring out? Well imagine a rea[...]